18 june 2012

I got my flight quite early… It was a beautiful sunny morning. I got this bag as a souvenir that I wish it could teleport the Barcelona good weather to Bremen. 

I got in Bremen at 11:30h and guess what? Herzlich Willkommen said to me the rain drops :./ back to the grey town. 

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17 june 2012

Last day of the dream weekend in Bercelona. I met André and his friends at a second hand fair taking place by the beach. We finished the night eating a massive burger [not paella this time] but it was one of the best burgers I had in Europe. Seriously!

Tonight I had to say goodbye very sadly to that magical city! I’ll keep it on my memories as one of my best celebrations of my 30’s.

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16 june 2012

Richarley made a cool tour with us. I met a very nice friend of him from Italy. Mattias was in love with Rio and talked about his visit to my home town.

Afterwards I ran to Sónar de Dia to see the presentation of “The Game of Life” project. I managed to talk to the guys. Pretty inspiring and nice people. Then Mouse on Mars gig inside a museum room. Once again: Epic! Diamond Version was also mind blowing. 

The bad part of the night was to miss New Order and Pretty Light because of a stupid traffic jam.  Then the rest of the night was a blast! I saw [for the 1st time] Maya Jane Coles kicking asses in front of a huge crowd - she didn’t feel intimidated. She was much better than Modeselektor, in my opinion. The night was long…Hot Chip never sounds as good in live presentations, specially in big fests. Deadmou5 presented a high quality show - in visual and in sounds - although not my favorite kind of music. We left the place at 8:30h after an unbelievable closing by Julio Bashmore - day rising. Epic moment! Went for breakfast with the new friends and then beach :) the best weekend of this year. I thought “am I dreaming?”. Thanks life for that!

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15 june 2012

Traveling meeting new people: a joy. It’s hard to summarize…but I’ll try.

André is hosting me and the place is just amazing, I had actually a room just for me and I feel really confortable in there. It’s like I know him for ages. Very friendly. Ok, he’s brazilian ;) The beach is just 10min walk. Bless! 

Ariel, was a second angel, he sold me the tickets when it was already sold out for the same price. 

First gig night at Sónar and met 2 new friends. Both brazilians. The girl pretty nice. we had a pre-party at her flat and the guy also super talkative. We got a cab to go together and I got there totally wasted already. But yes I managed to see Amon Tobin and remember flashes of Nicolas Jaar. Got a cab back to the flat earlier than I planned. Shade! more to come tomorrow…

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14 june 2012

Richarley, a colleague I met years ago in a design congress in Brazil saved my days in Barça. I had no place to stay [as a friend cancelled last minute and the deal was gone]. Then Richarley, that was studying in there, managed just some days before my flight to get a place for me at his friend’s André. It was a bless! The flat was just 2 blocks from Barceloneta beach and I spent the last hours of the day just looking at the best view after such stressful days last week. I felt so blessed, really. I miss the sea so much I can’t even put in words. Love this town! Epic days to come!

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13 june 2012

Am I dreaming? Flying to Barcelona tomorrow. \o/ love travelling by myself, specially when have such promising event just waiting to happen. 

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12 june 2012

Music is such an amazing thing! One track brought me some thoughts back as clear as I was living that all again. In a couple of days my ‘carpe diem’ moment will turn 'tangible'. 

Art by Monika Grzymala Artwork. made out of audiocassette tape.

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11 june 2012

Work, work, work! At the end of the day I had a nice talk with Danny about my grade revision and the best way to proceed. Way to go!

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10 june 2012 

Sunday working. I spent some hours at Tim’s. He basically saved my life doing the rendering that I would take forever by myself. Bright side of the weekend: There are still some good human beings around. 

My first model at the left and his rendering at the right. ;)

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9 june 2012

The photo is old but represents a bit what I felt today. I believe I was caught by a serious problem on German interpretation. 

Master project effort was diluted on a bitter mediocre grade. My work for next days? To write a grade revision report. Damn! Things got to be fair in this life, richtig?

"Am liebsten nie!" = "at the best, never" [sounds crappy translating to english though].

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8 june 2012

Today we had some discussions on the corporate identity design. Uli sketched some ideas and I liked the abstract ones better. 

I realized just after leaving work. Yes, Barcelona next week! I can’t wait! :D

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7 june 2012

The paper was not accepted at the ICEC. I assume I should’ve dedicated more time to that. Fine. It’s good to learn for next opportunity. 

From NYC some nice words. It made me feel a bit better: “Keep the faith”

video and art by Mr. Ahlstrom. 

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6 june 2012

New project. First time I seriously "play" with 3D modeling. Maya screen was forcing my eyes, I felt I needed a decent monitor. At some point I thought it was actually a torture fun…it can be interesting. I felt I should ask for help for the rendering. Tough part! Started contacting some of the DM fellows. 

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5 june 2012

This is one illustration by Daniel Bueno called ”O grande circo do mundo”. I used his art as reference today at work. Building CI.

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4 june 2012

busy! busy!

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